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Tesla Roadster, 2008

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Tesla Roadster Specifications

    * Style: 2-seat, open-top, rear-drive roadster
    * Drivetrain: Electric motor with 2-speed electrically-actuated-manual-shift transmission with integral differential
    * Motor: 3-phase, 4-pole electric motor, 248hp peak (185kW), redline 13,000 rpm, regenerative "engine braking"
    * Chassis: Bonded extruded aluminum with 4-wheel wishbone suspension
    * Brakes: 4-wheel disc brakes with ABS
    * 0-60 mph acceleration: under 4 seconds
    * Top Speed: 125 mph
    * Range : ~220 miles (based on EPA combined city/highway cycle)
    * Battery Life: Useful battery, 100,000 miles
    * Energy Storage System: Custom microprocessor-controlled lithium-ion battery pack
    * Full Charge: ~3.5h

    * Front: independent; upper and lower wishbone; co-axial coil spring/telescopic damper unit; anti-roll bar
    * Rear: independent; upper and lower wishbone; co-axial coil spring/telescopic damper

    * Type: Forged Light alloy
    * front: 5.5J x 16    * rear: 7.5J x 17

    * Type: Yokohama Neova AD07 LTS
    * front: 175/55 R16
    * rear: 225/45 R17

Tesla Roadster Dimensions (in. / mm)
    * Overall length: 155.4 / 3946
    * Overall width - incl. mirrors: 73.7 / 1873
    * Overall height (at curb weight): 44.4 / 1127
    * Wheelbase: 92.6 / 2352
    * Track - front: 57.6 / 1464
    * Track - rear: 59.0 / 1499
    * Curb weight: ~2690 pounds
    * Leg Room (in./mm): 42.0 / 1067
    * Front Head Room (in./mm): 36.7 / 932
    * Front Shoulder Room (in./mm): 26.0 / 660

Tesla Roadster Standard Interior features

    * Heated sport seats with inflatable lumbar support
    * Three-spoke leather-wrapped sport steering wheel
    * Smooth leather seats and trim in black, dark gray, light gray, or beige
    * Blaupunkt stereo sound system with single-disc CD player, iPod interface, and MP3 playback
    * Cruise Control
    * Homelink universal transmitter to operate compatible garage, gate, and home lighting/home security systems
    * Power windows and locks
    * Air conditioning
    * Single retractable cup holder

Tesla Roadster Standard Exterior Features
    * Double-insulated black soft top
    * Proprietary halogen low- and high-beam headlamp assemblies
    * LED tail lights
    * Forged uni-directional seven-spoke wheels in silver finish: 16" front, 17" rear
    * Locking wheel lugs
    * Tire Inflator/sealant
    * Cold weather ESS heater for cold weather charging to -20 degrees Celsius
    * Home-based charging system with integral safety features for 3.5 hour full re-charge

Tesla Roadster Standard Safety and Security Features
    * Four-sensor, four-channel Anti-lock Braking Systems (ABS)
    * Traction control
    * Tire pressure monitoring system
    * Front and rear crumple zones
    * Driver and passenger front airbags
    * Rigid occupant safety cell
    * Side impact door beams
    * Seatbelt pretensioners
    * Integrated headrests
    * Vehicle theft-deterrent and engine immobilizer system
    * PIN for security in operating the vehicle
    * Valet mode to restrict speed, acceleration, and distance

Tesla Roadster Factory-installed options and accessories
    * Premium leather seats available in nine colors with embroidered Tesla Motors logo
    * Microfiber, non-leather seats in black
    * Bluetooth cellular phone integration
    * Satellite radio with 170 channels of digital sound
    * Seven-speaker premium sound system tuned for Tesla Roadster cockpit
    * Touch-screen navigation system with voice guidance
    * Matching body-colored carbon fiber hardtop with full headliner
    * Metallic and premium paint
    * Tesla Motors custom floor mats
    * Mobile charging system
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Subaru Impreza 5-Door, 2008

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Fuji Heavy Industries Inc. (FHI), the maker of Subaru automobiles, announced the unveiling of its all new Subaru Impreza (U.S. specifications).Developed around the product concept of new, more refined designs for comfort, the latest Impreza incorporates sophisticated styling and rich interior design, roominess and space, and outstanding comfort and utility, while offering a pleasant and safe ride enhanced by Subaru Symmetrical AWD (All-Wheel drive) with the Horizontally-Opposed engine.

Advanced core mechanism
The new Impreza showcases a redesigned chassis, body construction and drivetrain, as well as substantially improved overall performance, under the theme "Only Subaru can deliver such attractive performance and values."1 It also provides a pleasant ride with ease of handling and integrates performance with advanced safety and environmental considerations.

FHI recently set forth a new theme for Subaru cars that stipulates Subaru's goal: Subaru offers a comfortable, pleasant drive for the driver and passengers; provides peace of mind and reliability; and extends convenience, utility and functionality.

The newly designed double-wishbone rear suspension effectively absorbs shocks from road surfaces, ensuring high levels of ride comfort and agile handling.
The lower center of gravity, enabled by the Boxer engine, has been enhanced by mounting the engine slightly lower in the chassis, thereby further improving stability.
Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC), available on a wider grade range of the Impreza lineup, increases active safety.
Body construction
Additional use of high tension steel and reinforced joints has greatly improved rigidity.
Streamlined body construction, while ensuring safety, makes weight reduction possible, which in turn improves fuel economy and maneuverability.

Engines and transmissions
The 2.5-liter Boxer engine features ideal power output characteristics under a practical range of driving speeds through improved mid- to low-end torque. The engine has also been modified to improve emissions and fuel efficiency.
The 2.5-liter SOHC normally aspirated engine adopts a new intake port and other design changes that make improved low-end torque and fuel efficiency possible. Improved emissions were realized by a new catalyst system that optimizes catalyst efficiency.
Incorporating a newly designed intake manifold, intercooler and turbocharger, the 2.5-liter DOHC turbocharged engine delivers improved mid to low-end torque and fuel efficiency.
Transmissions, both manual and automatic, were modified for faster, more responsive shifting and better maneuverability.

Advancing the Ring-Shaped Reinforcement Frame Body Structure with front and rear crumple zones, the new Impreza has realized high levels of safety and crash worthiness.
All models are equipped with dual SRS airbags, side SRS airbags, and curtain airbags.
A collapsible safety pedal is available on all models to reduce the risk to feet in accidents.
Refined styling and elegant interior design
The new Impreza combines sporty styling with ample interior space and integrates functionality with elegance.

Exterior design
Refined styling is highlighted by a perfectly proportioned body, well calculated panel curves that reflect light and shadow in harmony, and quality details.

Sweeping character lines on both sides express a sense of speed and individuality.
A sporty image is underscored by projecting front fenders and rear quarters.
Projector lamps, used in the headlights, give a dynamic three-dimensional appearance.

5-door model
A clean and elegant line flows continuously from the front grille, up the A-pillar, across the roof down to the rear gate.
An aerodynamic rear spoiler, standard on all models, heightens the car's sporty image.
4-door model
The rear overhang is 165 mm longer than on the 5-door model, which gives the car a more elegant sedan look.

Interior design
Spacious and open interior provides comfort and improves visibility.
Aluminum-look insets in the center panels and door trim add a sporty feel and airiness.
The navigation screen, as well as the vehicle information and audio displays are placed at the top of the dashboard for improved visibility and functionality.
High-grade, double-stitched seat fabrics provide a feeling of quality.

Packaging and utility
The new Impreza rides on a 95-mm-longer wheelbase than its predecessor, which enables expanded interior space.
The all-new double-wishbone rear suspension makes room for a wider and deeper luggage compartment, enhancing the utility of the car.
On the 5-door model, the rear seats feature a 60/40 split folding mechanism that allows various seating arrangements and increases cargo capacity. The wide and flat load floor can accommodate two Tour-size golf bags, or five carry-on bags.
The 4-door model provides a larger trunk that can accommodate three Tour-size golf bags. The rear seats feature standard 60/40 split backs, giving pass-through access to the trunk.
Larger door openings, which are enabled through new sash construction, afford improved ingress and egress, and the rear doors open 75 degrees to allow for better rear seat access.
The door panels house molded recesses that can hold 720-mL PET bottles.
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Subaru Forester, 2008

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Compared to the previous model, the new Forester is 110 mm taller (excluding the roof rail) and 45 mm wider, and its wheelbase has been expanded by 90 mm, increasing interior space and improving riding comfort. On the other hand, the overall distance between the ends of the right and left door mirrors has been shortened by 10 mm through mirror position and design changes. Also, the minimum turning radius was made shorter by 0.1 meter for zippy handling.

Off-road capability is further improved by optimization of approach and departure angles, coupled with a generous 225-mm ground clearance.
The double-wishbone rear suspension makes room for a deeper and wider luggage compartment. This enhances the utility of this car that already features cargo area tie-down hooks and a DC12V/120W power outlet, as well as a push button switch for folding down the rear seatbacks.

Larger door openings, which are enabled through new sash construction, afford improved ingress and egress, and the rear doors open 75 degrees to allow for better rear seat access.
Through the enhancement of body rigidity, less road noise reaches the interior of the car. All door openings are sealed with double-layered weather stripping placed along the door trim for the optimal pressure to tightly seal the doors and ensure a quieter ride.

The multi-functional center console provides a spacious compartment that can accommodate an A4-size notebook PC and a purse of equivalent size. It also incorporates a removable tray that can be used to hold portable media players and cell phones. The console compartment has a sliding lid that is cushioned on top to serve as an armrest.

A retractable rear tray with a cup holder is installed between the rear seats, further elevating rear passenger comfort. (Available on the 2.0XS and 2.0XT)

Exterior design
Streamlined, yet sculpted styling evokes images of powerful, well defined muscles carved out of stone.
Sharply defined character lines running from the sides of headlights to the tail lights, combined with boxed front fenders and projected rear quarter panels, accentuate a more pronounced SUV profile.

The center of the redesigned front grill is metallic gray in color, making a sharp yet elegant contrast to its chrome-plated contours.

Headlamps are chrome-plated on the inside to project the light outward evenly. Rear lights are clustered and designed to highlight a luminous and translucent look in the rear styling.
17-inch aluminum-alloy wheels with distinctively sculptured spokes emphasize the vehicle's commanding presence and high quality. 16-inch aluminum-alloy wheels also feature sharp lines of spokes, expressing high quality and smartness.

Interior design
Decorative insets with a brushed aluminum-look flow from the center panel of the dashboard to the door trim, adding spaciousness and airiness in the interior and stressing sportiness in the cockpit. Rich and refined interior design is accentuated by the center panel, which combines wood and metal finishes, as well as by the door trim, embellished with metal-finish panels for window and door switches.

The vehicle information display, which constantly shows outside temperature, average mileage and time on the digital clock, as well as a navigation screen and audio display, are placed nearer the top of the dashboard for improved visibility and functionality.

The front seat cushions employ highly resilient urethane materials that effectively absorb vibration during a drive. In addition, newly developed seatback springs firmly support the driver's hips and back to maintain the optimal driving position.

An expanded ground clearance further improves the off-road capability of the vehicle. The raising of the clearance does not alter the low center of gravity that is attained by mounting the engine low in the vehicle, thereby securing outstanding vehicle stability.

4-speed AT models are equipped with the Sportshift gear selection. By optimizing the final gear ratio and torque convertor characteristics, as well as through reducing friction among part assemblies, driving performance and fuel economy has been improved. The N Control System on AT models automatically shifts the transmission back to neutral from driving positions after the brake pedal is depressed for some time. Gear shift operation has also been enhanced by the redesigned shift lever positions and the use of roller bearings.

The SI-Dive (Subaru Intelligent Drive) system on the 2.0XT model offers three different modes of driving for the driver to enjoy: Intelligent; Sport; and Sport Sharp.
Gear ratios on MT models, from the second through the five-speed, as well as the final drive gear ratio, have been modified to improve driving performance and fuel economy. Reducing friction inside the transmission also contributes to better gear shift operation on MT models.

The Active Torque Split AWD system is mounted on AT models. MT models come with the center differential AWD system with viscous LSD (limited slip differential). Both AWD systems distribute optimal power to the wheels with the firm grip and traction, providing unrivalled vehicle stability.

The Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC) is standards on all models. Fed by information gathered by sensors that monitor vehicle and road conditions, the VDC coordinates the engine, transmission, and brakes in order to recover the vehicle's position should unstable movements occur on a slippery road.

2.0-L DOHC engines on the 2.0X and 2.0XS
Fuel economy has been improved with the redesigned DOHC cylinder head, as well as through optimization of the compression ratio and reduction of the volume of the combustion chamber.

Low-end and mid-range torque is improved, while better fuel economy and lower gas emissions are achieved, primarily through design changes in the engine that generate a stronger tumble gas flow and raise gas intake efficiency.

The use of AVCS contributes to higher power output, while fuel economy is also achieved by improving combustion efficiency through the optimized timing of valve openings and closings.
A design change in the cooling water channel around the spark plug further prevents engine knocking and also helps improve low-end and mid-range torque output.

With the optimization of the diameter and length of the intake manifold, and the adoption of the equal length/constant pulsation independent exhaust system, the engine's intake and exhaust performance has been elevated.

2 catalytic convertors have been placed in tandem. The layout enables the convertors to quickly heat up, which facilitates catalytic activation during engine startup and improves on emission reduction efficiency.
The twin mufflers expand the muffler capacity, bringing noise levels down even lower and reducing exhaust back pressure.

2.0-L DOHC Turbo engine

A newly developed DOHC cylinder head is used in this engine. The intake port and the combustion chamber have been redesigned to reduce residual gasses, thus raising combustion efficiency.

By using a resin-based intake manifold, the inner walls of the manifold are smooth and less resistant to the intake flow. The weight is also reduced by 30% compared to the earlier manifold.

A design change in the cooling water channel around the spark plug further prevents engine knocking and also helps improve low-end and mid-range torque output.

The injector nozzle has been redesigned to atomize fuel and finely disperse it into the combustion chamber for improved combustion. This also helps reduce harmful substances in emissions.
Also adopted is a secondary air system that forces air into the exhaust port to burn out any gasoline remaining in it. The system helps eliminate harmful substances when the powertrain is still cool, and it promotes early activation of catalytic converters.
The twin mufflers expand the muffler capacity, bringing noise levels down even lower and reducing exhaust back pressure.

Powered by regular gasoline, the 2.0-L naturally aspirated Boxer engine features better combustion efficiency, as well as eco-friendly performance and fuel economy, thanks to a newly designed DOHC cylinder head and the use of the active valve control system (AVCS).
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SsangYong Rexton R-Line, 2009

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The customised version of the SsangYong Rexton.

The SsangYong Rexton R-Line was so enthusiastically received by visitors to the SsangYong motor show stand, that distributors Koelliker UK, had no hesitation in adding it to the range.

The SsangYong Rexton R-Line is the work of celebrated designer Afzal Kahn, who has carved an international reputation for applying old-world craftsmanship and the finest materials to turn standard cars into bespoke works of art.

Built at Project Kahn's Bradford facility, the SsangYong Rexton R-Line is based on the Rexton 270 SPR - an already well-equipped and imposing four-wheel drive SUV that offers outstanding value at £24,995. But the R-Line takes this several stages further with added luxury and design flair.

Created to provide the ultimate Rexton with power, presence and versatility, the R-Line is a full-size 4x4 with outstanding off-road and towing capabilities, with the latest safety features and exceptional interior comfort.

Immediately obvious are the Kahn Design 22 inch RST alloy wheels. These combine with lowered sports springs to completely transform the look of the car.

Inside, a high quality black nappa leather and soft Alcantara interior with red stitching cossets the Rexton's occupants. Seats, door panels and centre console have been specially upholstered to add a tactile quality to the driving experience.

On the road, the R-Line has considerable presence with black paintwork combining with the lowered suspension and special 22 inch alloys. Performance and handling are improved with a Kahn Design sports exhaust and a lower centre of gravity from the sports suspension springs.

Even in standard form, the Rexton 270 SPR has climate control, electronic stability programme (ESP) with active rollover protection (ARP), hill descent control (HDC), ABS, parking sensors, cruise control, auto lights and wipers, side airbags, electric folding door mirrors and heated seats. Leather upholstery is standard, but the Kahn R-Line is further upgraded.

The only thing the R-Line doesn't have as standard is an audio system, simply because customers are likely to want to specify their own choice of premium sound system.

The Rexton uses a more powerful version of the SsangYong 2.7 five cylinder turbo diesel engine producing 186 PS and a thundering 402 Nm torque at 2,400rpm. Transmission is a Mercedes T-Tronic automatic with gear lever and steering wheel shift buttons, and with permanent all-wheel drive. Suspension is independent all round. A rear spoiler and Kenwood touch-screen navigation system are the only options, but if a customer prefers a different exterior paint and interior leather colour combination, anything's possible.
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SsangYong C200 Concept, 2008

The SsangYong C200 Concept car, which is a futuristic compact SUV, is a symbolic model that marks a milestone in SsangYong Motor's plan to expand its product lineup, which will fully commence in 2010, based on the company's mid- to long-term vision.

The mid- to long-term plan of SsangYong Motor is to diversify its product lineup, which is currently focused on frame-type rear-wheel-drive models. Its plan is to begin with an addition to its product lineup of a front-wheel-drive urban compact SUV that is based on a newly developed power train and monocoque body.

The SsangYong C200 Concept is more than just a concept car to SsangYong Motor because it is performing a pivotal role in the company's efforts to expand its lineup to include monocoque-based models by moving away from the current line-up that is focused on the frame-type models.

This implies that SsangYong Motor has taken a step further from its former progressive and unique design characteristics. SsangYong Motor has added more female, city-oriented, and modern elements to its existing progressive and futuristic design characteristics.

The SsangYong C200 Concept is designed to accommodate the needs of people living in the city, emphasizing comfortableness, elegance, and enhanced use of space. It features a sharp and agile shape that is in line with the image of young city drivers who are always looking for something new and more than willing to take on interesting new challenges. The vehicle also employs a center fascia design that symbolizes SsangYong Motor's passion for four-wheel-drive SUVs and that clearly expresses what customer segment the vehicle is targeting.
The SsangYong C200 Concept is a compact SUV with a total length of 4,400mm. Its competitors consist of the Toyota RAV4, Honda CR-V and Nissan Rogue. It has a 2,640mm wheelbase, which is longer than that of Volkswagen Tiguan (2,604mm), the most popular model in the class. By applying this wheelbase, SsangYong Motor has ensured a higher level of soft and agile handling of the vehicle compared to other European models. The vehicle also guarantees top-notch performance by employing a suspension that is most suitable for the driving conditions in Europe, the most advanced full-time four wheel drive system, and a six-speed manual transmission. The aluminum suspension makes the vehicle lighter. The vehicle is designed to have a low center of gravity compared to its competitor models to offer optimal handling, thereby guaranteeing a maximum level of driving performance.

The SsangYong C200 Concept ensures an outstanding level of performance and quality, based on the various cutting-edge technologies of SsangYong Motor. The company plans to develop the vehicle into a strategic global model that can compete head-on with competitor models in the global small-sized SUV market, which is experiencing heated competition.
The SsangYong C200 Concept brings together dynamic and progressive elements, embodying the long history, traditions, and innovative experimental spirit of SsangYong Motor. It will become a trendsetter in various aspects by offering optimal performance, a perfectly balanced shape, and stylish exterior as well as interior. It is forecast that the vehicle will fully establish itself as SsangYong Motor's new strategic model.

Technical Specifications
    * Dimensions
          o Overall length: 4400 mm
          o Exterior Overall width: 1810 mm
          o Height: 1685 mm
          o Wheelbase: 2640 mm
    * Engine
          o Type: D 2.0
          o Displacement: 1999 cc
          o Max. power: 175 hp
          o Max. torque: 370 Nm
    * Transmission
          o Drive system: 4WD
          o Gear: 6 Speed Manual Transmission

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